Frequently asked questions

Where is the iOS client?

Sadly, there is none. I am a strong proponent of native apps and because of this I don't want to build only a half-good product with a multi-compile framework. I am good at building web and Android apps, but currently completely lack any iOS or Objective-C/Swift experience.

Perhaps there will be one someday, but until then there are many good alternatives out there. And yes, I just recommended my competitors.

Isn't this just the same as ...?

...Pushover, Pushbullet and all the other ones? Yeah, kind of. I had the idea for this service a long time ago, but never really got to do it. When I finally did some others were already here. But, as there are many different car brands out there, why not have some diversity? Choose the service you like the best.

Are there any limits?

Currently, no. The service can easily handle all the pushes you want to send for your private use. I don't see a reason to limit the number of pushes to some arbitrary value as long as there is no abuse. 20.000 pushes a month? That's roughly one push every two minutes to your phone. That would be really annoying.

What data do you save?

See our privacy policy. tldr: No message texts, only the minimum needed data to push to your phone, SSL all the way.